5 Tahun

February 11th 2006

That day,
We promised to share life together
In every step and choice there’s always a consequence
But we promised that we will face together
From that moment,
We turned from a lover into husband-and-wife

February 11th 2011

My dear husband…
Today is our 5th Wedding Anniversary
5 years is just the beginning
and i’m always gonna be beside u all the way,
to share n celebrate our love for the rest of our lives

You’re always lighting up my heart with the things you do and say
Thank you for your love ‘n support
Thank you for being part of me
Thank you for your hard work, I know you’ll give your best for me and Dafi, for our little family…

I love you,
I love you with all I am and all I’ll ever be
You’re my fabulous husband, my best friend, my great boyfriend and the greatest Abi to our baby(ies)
we’re so proud of you

Allah, I wanna thank you for giving me the wonderful life
for sending him to me
for choosing us for Dafi…
Alhamdulillah… All praises to Allah


Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary




4 thoughts on “5 Tahun

  1. happy anniversary ya bun… ga terasa ya tau2 udah 5 tahun aja, semoga bahagia selalu, rukun dan harmonis selalu, langgeng hingga ke syurga kelak, dan menjadi abi-bunda yang lebih hebat lagi utk dafi 🙂

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